Megan Irving is our Team Leader and employee number one of Polixen. She started her career in video game development and completed an Advanced Diploma in Games Programming at AIE. Before joining us in 2017, she also graduated from Computer Science with a minor in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong and worked as a freelancer programmer for cloud-based software.


When Megan is not at the office, you can find her enjoying nature, going on bushwalks and reading books. Most of her weekends she’s either camping or fishing. “As much as I love the internet, I also love being able to get away from all of that for a few days. It’s so refreshing.”


When it comes to why she loves being part of Polixen, Megan says there’s no day like the other at the office and how close together the team is. “I love that we’re always working on new and exciting – and often challenging – things. Also, because we’re a small team, we’re always working together on tasks, and the collaborative, fast-paced atmosphere of that is really great.”

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