Mathew Vlandlys is our Founder and mastermind behind Polixen’s operations. With an entrepreneur’s vein and a love for tech from a young age, he started his journey after winning 2012 HackAGong – the largest app development event of its kind in Australia – with the app Kickstart Kristmas. 


Later on, he created iCRM, a cloud-based solution for aged care providers. In 2018, iCRM was selected as one of the top 10 start-ups in Australia that Telstra had chosen to make an investment in. With Telstra’s backing and resources iCRM went through many major changes in the business model and structure, including the name – Polixen, which is in honour of his grandmother Polixeni.  


When Mathew is not working, he loves spending time with family and friends. One of his favourite things is to visit his Yiayia Maroula (grandmother Maria) for dinner and have a chat in Greek with her. On the weekends, he can also be seen being the best Godfather to his little nephew Noah.


“Polixen is my dream. I have a very special relationship with the product and our customers. I love working on something that has a mission that can change the world for the better. I am very lucky to have a great team behind me which makes working on Polixen so enjoyable.”

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