Manage clients from an easy to use web interface on your computer at work or home, and from our phone and tablet app using Polixen’s intuitive Client Management module. Polixen will be your source of truth for all client information.
  • Keep track of your clients’ individual journeys by creating progress notes. These notes can be shared among staff to keep everyone up to date and informed of any changes or correspondence;
  • Easily manage any ongoing or new health issues, including allergies, disabilities, and any issues with daily tasks that your volunteers need to be aware of;
  • Track medical contacts in our doctor database, as well as their carers and other contacts,
  • Store and manage your clients’ sensitive documentation – including forms, notes, and correspondence. At a glance, you can see your clients’ journey through your system including their meals, their accounts, and other delivered services;
  • Log changes and trigger alerts depending on your needs – for example, when progress notes or review dates are updated.



  • Setup frequent locations and manage vehicles;
  • Automate registration, licensing & insurances alerts;
  • Easily schedule shared vehicles;
  • Integrate Google Maps for directions.



  • Quick one-on-one bookings;
  • Create customised reports & itineraries;
  • Book group trips with multiple pickups & drop-offs;
  • Control everything from iOS & Android apps.



Easily manage your accounts with our system and save hours of  work with the reports feature.


  • Integrate with third-party systems for online payments, such as MyOB and Xero;
  • Generate and export documentation for tNSW, DEX, HCP & NDIS reports;
  • Add in a credit card reader with your tablets so staff can take payments on the go.