Polixen Features

Client Management


Manage clients from an easy to use web interface on your computer at work or home, and from our phone and tablet app using Polixen’s intuitive Client Management module.


Set up review dates for your clients, and be alerted when these dates are upcoming. Keep track of your clients’ individual journeys by creating progress notes. These notes can be shared among staff to keep everyone up to date and informed of any changes or correspondence.


Easily manage any ongoing or new health issues, including allergies, disabilities, and any issues with daily tasks that your volunteers need to be aware of. Track medical contacts in our doctor database, as well as their carers and other contacts.


Store and manage your clients’ sensitive documentation including forms, notes, and correspondence. At a glance, you can see your clients’ journey through your system including their meals, their accounts, and other delivered services.

Polixen will be your source of truth for all client information; all changes are logged, and alerts can be triggered depending on your needs, for example when progress notes or review dates are updated.

Meal Plans


Manage meal plans for your clients using Polixen’s advanced Meal Management module.


Easily create your available meals with all their information including ingredients, financial codes, reporting units, and prices. Set up rotating or set menus, and easily view your clients’ allergies and meal preferences while creating their personalised meal plan.


Handle your meal inventory through Polixen’s Stock Control module. Enter your meal shipments when they arrive, and watch your stock levels change in real time as meals are delivered. View detailed stock histories to gain an understanding of who is ordering what, and when.


Create your meal runs, assign clients to them, and manage your volunteer rosters through Polixen’s flexible Meal Run module. Clients’ deliveries are automatically linked to these runs, and appear on your custom run sheets, meal labels, and delivery rosters.

Staff & Volunteers


Capture all staff & volunteer information in Polixen’s comprehensive Staff Management module including contacts, notes, and training sessions. Maintain certifications and accreditations and be alerted for expiring police checks and first aid certifications.

Set up their availabilities and assign staff and volunteers to service jobs and meal deliveries. View their service history, print off upcoming rosters and past summaries, and create invitations.