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To view the run roster, click the Run Roster option in the main menu. This will take you straight to the Run Roster Page. This will show you today’s assigned staff and volunteers for each Meal Run. You can navigate to different days using the Day ArrowsWeek Arrows, and the Date Field on the left. You can also Create new assignments, Update existing assignments, and Print your run roster from this page.

Note: Only active assignments for active volunteers will be displayed on the main page. Assignments that have been cancelled and assignments during a volunteer’s suspension will be hidden.

To view the assignments in more detail (including cancelled assignments and suspended volunteers) or update them, click the run entry: the red/blue area under the run’s name. The Assigned Volunteers popup will be displayed.

On this popup, the assignment statuses are colour coded for convenience:

  • Red: This indicates a Cancelled Assignment. To cancel an assignment, click the Garbage Bin icon. Cancelling a recurring assignment will only cancel this particular entry.
  • Blue: This indicates a Suspended Volunteer. This could be due to an individual suspension or a bulk suspension.


To Print the run roster, click the Print Roster button. You’ll be prompted to make some selections. The Start Date and End Date are pre-filled with today’s date, but you can change them. You can select a particular Meal Run or Volunteer, but by default the Run Roster Report will print all volunteer assignments for all meal runs. To include days where nobody is assigned, check the Include Unassigned Days checkbox. When you’re happy with your selections, click the Print Roster button to create your report.


To Create a new assignment, click the Assign Volunteer button. You’ll be prompted to select a type of assignment:

  • Once Off: This assignment will only occur once on the selected date
  • Weekly: This assignment will occur every week on the selected day.
  • Fortnightly: This assignment will once a fortnight on the selected day.
  • Monthly: This assignment will occur once a month on the selected week and day.

Once you’ve selected the type of assignment, you’ll be taken to the Assign Volunteer To Run popup. Here you can select the Staff/Volunteer member for the assignment, the Role if applicable (roles are explained later in this document), and the Meal Run for the assignment.

Depending on the type of the assignment, you’ll also have to select the Date of the assignment, or the Start Date and End Date of the assignment as well as the Day or Week. Once you’ve filled out the information, click the Assign Staff/Volunteer button to create the assignment.

Note: when creating a Recurring assignment (eg: a Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly assignment), the Start Date (The date the assignment begins) must be a Monday.    

To Update an assignment, find the assignment on the Run Roster page. Click the Run to see the detailed Assigned Volunteers popup. Then select the assignment by clicking the blue Information button. Make the desired changes, and click the Update Assignment button. You can also Delete assignments on this page.


You can specify what role the volunteers will have in their assignments. To CreateView and Update roles, click the Administration option in the main menu and select Roles.

To Create a new role, click the New Role button.

To Update a role, click the blue Information button next to its name. Make the desired changes, and click the Save Changes button. You can also Delete the role on this page.

Once you have roles in your system, you’ll be able to select one when Creating a new assignment or Updating an old assignment. You’ll be able to see the roles on the Assigned Volunteers popup, and on reports like the Run Roster Report.

You can also set up a Default Role for your volunteers on their Volunteer Page. If a volunteer has a default role, it will be pre-filled when creating an assignment for that volunteer.

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