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NOTE: If you are setting up package providers for the first time, please get in touch with us so we can help you set them up correctly.

To create a new Package Provider, click Administration in the main menu and select Package Providers. This will take you to the Package Provider List page. From this page, you can view and manage existing package providers as well as create new ones. To create a new provider, click the New Provider button. Fill in as many details as you have, and click the Create Provider button.

To manage an existing provider, click the Information button next to the provider. You can use the tabs to navigate around the different parts of a provider’s profile: Basic InformationContacts, Files, and Notes. These contain the following information:

  • Basic Information: the information you provided when creating a provider. This is all used for invoices.
  • Contacts: similar to a client’s Contacts page, this will allow you to create contacts for the people you interact with at that package provider.
  • Files: similar to the client, staff & volunteer Documents & Files page. You can upload documents here and link them to the provider.
  • Notes: similar to the staff & volunteer notes pages. You can create free-text notes about the provider.


Once you have created a package provider, you can assign clients to them. To do this, navigate to a client’s Client Page. If you need help doing this, please see the Clients chapter of this manual.

On the Client Page, scroll down to the Payments & Invoices section. Here you can select the client’s package provider. You’ll also need to select the client’s starting date with that provider. Once you’ve filled in these details, make sure to click the Save Changes button.


To invoice the providers, click Accounts in the main menu and select Provider Invoices. Provider Invoices are very similar to Client Invoices, so please see the Client Accounts chapter of this manual for more details around creating, printing, and paying these invoices.

The important points of difference for Provider Invoices are in the Invoicing options for providers, as covered below:

  • Admin Fee: an additional fee that will be added to the invoice. This is separate to meal charges.
  • Admin Fee Type: how often the admin fee should be added to the invoice. Please note that “per meal” will be “per meal item” – all types of meals are included in this, including juices, soups, main meals, etc.
  • Split Invoices: this will allow you to create invoices for both the client and provider.
  • Consolidate Clients: If this is set to “yes”, one single invoice will be created for the provider that includes charges for all clients linked to the provider. If this is set to “no”, individual invoices will be created for all clients linked to the provider.


When viewing the Package Provider List Page, each provider has some additional information listed next to their name: the amount of clients linked to them, and their current balance. The current balance is a button that will take you to the package provider’s Account History page.

This Account History is based on the provider’s invoices and payments. Each invoice lists its payment status, and the credits list which invoice they are associated with. From this page, you can also click on an invoice or payment to be taken to it.

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