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Before you create and submit your Oasis report, we recommend running the Client Issues Report. This report can identify many of common data entry errors. The report will list all clients with issues, and what those issues are. For more detailed instructions on running this report, please check the DEX Report chapter of this manual.

After running the Client Issues Report, you can run the Under 65s Report to check your figures. To run it, click Reports in the main menu and select Under 65s Report. Fill in your start date and end date, select your service, and run either the Totals or Detailed report. The Totals report will list your total figures, and the Detailed report will break those figures down per client.

Once you’re happy with your data, it’s time to run the Oasis Report.


To create an Oasis Report, click Reports in the main menu and select Oasis Report. Select the appropriate Reporting Period (selecting the incorrect period can cause your submission to fail), the Transmission Number (see note), and the reporting Service. Click the Oasis Report button to create the report. Once it’s created, you can save it and upload it to the Oasis Portal.

Note: the Transmission Number refers to the upload attempt for this reporting period. For example: If this is the third time you are uploading this file (due to previous errors), select ‘3’.


You may receive the following error when submitting your Oasis report:

The selected file cannot be accepted. Please make the indicated changes and re-submit.

• Incorrect number of data fields within the header record. The header must contain 7 data fields.
• This submission does not include a valid header record. CSV files header record must start with “STARTHEADER2” and end with “ENDHEADER2”.

This is a common formatting error. To fix it, please follow this procedure:

  1. Open the Oasis CSV file in Microsoft Excel
  2. Save the Oasis CSV file.
  3. Close Microsoft Excel.
  4. Submit the Oasis CSV file to Oasis

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