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There are a few ways to get to a client’s meal plan:

  • Click the Meals on Wheels option in the menu and select Meal Plans. Then select the client from the Client bar in the top right.
  • Click the Clients option in the menu and select Client List (or use the Clients shortcut button above the main menu). Select the desired client, and click on the View Meal Plan option under their name.
  • Navigate to the client’s Client Page. Click the Actions button, and select the Meal Plan option.



The client’s Meal Plan Page is a weekly view of all meals the client will be recieving. Each day lists the individual meals to be delivered on that day, as well as the total number of meals and total price. If a client has anything listed in the free-form Dietary Requirements field in their Client Page, it will be displayed on this page. If a client has a suspension during the selected week, it will be displayed on this page.

You can use the Date Arrows to move between weeks, or click the Date to view a particular date.

The meals on this page are colour-coded for convenience:

  • Dark Blue: an Ad-Hoc or Once-Off meal. This meal will only be delivered on that date to that client.
  • Light Blue: a Recurring meal. This meal will continue to be delivered to this meal based on their recurring meal plan.
  • Purple: an Allergic meal. This meal has an ingredient that the client is allergic to.
  • Red: a Cancelled meal. This meal could have been specifically cancelled, or the client may have a suspension on that date.


To create a new Ad-Hoc meal, simply click the blue Arrow button on the particular date you’re adding a meal for. This will bring up the Add Meal pop-up, where you can select one or more meals from a single available menu to add for that date. If the selected meals has Properties, you’ll be able to select those here.

Once you’ve selected the menu and a meal, click the blue Plus button to add that meal to the “Meals to be Added” list. You can then select more meals, clicking the Plus button each time, to fill out the list. Once you’re happy with the list of meals to be added, click the Add Meals button to add the meals.



To Delete an ad-hoc meal, just click the meal on the Meal Plan. A confirmation box will appear: click the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

To Delete All Meals for one day, click the Total for that day.

To Cancel a recurring meal, click the meal on the Meal Plan. A cancelled meal doesn’t remove the meal from the recurring meal plan forever, just cancels that one specific delivery.


Recurring Meal Plan is a meal plan that appears on reports and on the meal plan page every week between its start and end dates. These are very useful for clients who get the same thing every week, or who have decided on a set of meals for a period of time (eg: they have selected all meals for a month).

To view the recurring meal plans of a client, go to that client’s Meal Plan Page. Then click the View Recurring Meal Plans button. The Recurring Meal Plans page will list all recurring meal plans for a client. Each meal plan lists the associated menu, the start and end dates of the meal plan, and the total amount of meals in the plan. You can also filter the meal plans by their status: Past, Present or Future. Meal plans are coloured based on their status:

  • Red: Past meal plan. A meal plan that starts and ends in the past.
  • Green: A Present meal plan. A meal plan that starts in the past (or today), and ends in the future (or has no end date).
  • Blue: A Future meal plan. A meal plan that starts in the future, and either ends in the future or has no end date.

You can View and Copy existing meal plans from this page, as well as Create new meal plans.


To Create a new meal plan, click the New Recurring Meal Plan button on the Recurring Meal Plans Page of a client. This will take you to the New Recurring Meal Plan page. Here, you must select a number of options. To start with, the Client, which is pre-filled with the client whose Meal Plan Page you were on. Then the Start Date, which is pre-filled with today’s date. The End Date is optional: if you don’t fill this in, the meal plan will continue forever. The Fortnightly option means that the plan will only be active once per fortnight. The Menu determines which meals will be displayed.

Note: once you change the Start Date, the list of available menus will be refreshed, and all meals will vanish. For this reason, please select the dates of the meal plan before the menu.

Once you’ve selected the Start Date (and optionally, the End Date) and the Menu, you’ll be presented with a list of all meals in that menu. You can filter these meals by their Name, the Week of the menu they appear on, the Day of the week they appear on, and the Property selected.

To select a meal to add it to the meal plan, just check the checkbox next to its name. The quantity is pre-filled with “1”, but you can change that if the client would like more of that meal.



When you’re done, click the Save Meal Plan button to add the meal plan to the client. You’ll be able to see all these meals on the client’s Meal Plan Page.

Note: If you have selected any meals that the client is allergic to, you’ll be warned and have to change those meals before you can save the meal plan.



Updating a recurring meal plan can affect past accounts and meal plan histories for your clients, which isn’t always what you want. If you’re making a change that will only affect the plan going forward, you need to copy the recurring meal plan and make the changes to the new meal plan. Since the new meal plan begins tomorrow, the changes won’t affect the history of the client; they’ll only take effect going forward. Polixen can automatically do this for you, or you can follow the manual procedure.

The automatic procedure:

  1. Update the current meal plan.
  2. Click the Save button. On the popup, click the second option. This will end the current meal plan and apply your changes to a copy of the mealplan that starts tomorrow.
  3. Note: Occasionally you do want to update the accounts and meal history for the client. In this case, click the first option to simply update the current meal plan.



The manual procedure:

  1. Copy the current recurring meal plan by clicking the yellow Copy icon next to the meal plan on the client’s Recurring Meal Plans page
  2. End the current recurring meal plan (set its End Date to today)
  3. Start the new recurring meal plan (set its Start Date to tomorrow)
  4. Update the new recurring meal plan’s meals


If many clients have the same meal plan, it can help to use Meal Plan Templates. A template is simply a list of meals that can be copied into a recurring meal plan when creating it. To view all templates on your system, click the Meals on Wheels option in the menu and slect Meal Templates. You’ll be taken to the Meal Plan Templates page.

To View an existing template and Update it, click the blue Information button next to its name.

To Delete an existing template, click its red Garbage Bin icon.



To create a new meal plan template, click the New Template button. Creating a template is very similar to creating a Recurring Meal Plan: once you give the template a Name, and select a Menu, you’ll be able to select meals from that menu. Once you’ve selected the desired meals, click the Create Template button to save the template.



When you’re creating a Recurring Meal Plan, you can apply a template to speed up the process. To do so, click the Apply Template button on the New Recurring Meal Plan page. You’ll see a list of templates with the same menu as the meal plan. Select a template and click the Select Template button to copy the meals into the meal plan.

Note: It’s important to note that there is no link between a template and a meal plan. Applying a template just copies the meals into the meal plan.


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