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To view your donators, click the Administration menu and select Donations. This will take you to the Donations page, where the information in this module is grouped into three tabs – donors, donations, and campaigns.

The default tab is your list of Donors, along with their total amount donated. On this screen you can create new donors by clicking the New Donor button, or view an existing one by clicking the Information button next to that donor. You can also use the Donations and Campaigns tabs to view other information.

When viewing an existing donor, you can create new donations for this donor by clicking the New Donation button. You can also update the donor’s information, or you can archive the donor by clicking the Archive Donor button. An archived donor’s donations are still listed on all pages, but the donor will have an “archived” note next to their name as shown in the screenshots in the rest of this chapter. You cannot create new donations for an archived donor.


The Donations tab will list all donations entered into your system, along with the date, the donor, and the campaign it’s part of. You can create new donations by clicking the New Donation button, or update an existing donation by clicking the Information button next to it.



On the Campaign tab, you can see all campaigns created on your system, plus the total amount donated under that campaign. To create a new campaign, enter a new donation and select the “Other” campaign. This will let you fill in the new campaign’s name, and allow you to use that campaign going forward.

To view the list of donations under a campaign, click the Information button next to the campaign. This will take you to that campaign’s donation list. You can create a new donation in this campaign by clicking the New Donation button, or update an existing donation by clicking its Information button.


Once you’ve started entering donations into your system, you’ll be able to run the Donation Summary Report. You can find this under the Accounts sub-menu in the Reports menu. This report will summarise the donations made during a selected period. This report can be filtered by Service, Donor and/or Campaign to get more specific information, and you can save it as a CSV if you want to export this information.

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